BERGFEX: Ardez: Dopust Ardez - Potovati Ardez

Engadin Scuol Zernez


1.460 - 2.330m
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1.460 - 2.330m

Romanesque showpiece village in excellent surroundings

Even from a distance, the ruins of Steinsburg Castle capture our imagination as we head towards the beautiful Romansh village of Ardez. The ruins overlook this collection of Engadin houses, many of which feature decorative sgraffito. Everyday life in the village is shaped by the diversity of local agriculture. The bypass road and careful planning ensure Ardez remains historically intact. It blends in effortlessly with the surrounding landscape and radiates a warm and welcoming aura. No matter whether we walk down into the village from the mountain lakes of Piz Cotschen, come from Val Tasna via Chanoua to the WWF-protected ‘emerald region’, or hike up from the Inn river gorge after visiting Sur-En or Tarasp: the journey to Ardez is always a worthwhile adventure.


Ocenjevanje 4,5
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