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BERGFEX: Smučišče Mottolino Fun Mountain/ Livigno - Smučarski dopust Mottolino Fun Mountain/ Livigno - Wintersportgebiet Mottolino Fun Mountain/ Livigno

Smučišče Mottolino Fun Mountain/ Livigno

Mottolino Fun Mountain/ Livigno

1.816 - 2.785m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Mottolino Fun Mountain/ Livigno

Novosti Mottolino Fun Mountain/ Livigno

A revolutionary course dedicated to snow lovers and all those who fancy having more and more fun: freeride + cross, an absolute and winning news for Italy. Born in Livigno, the Alta Valtellina white pearl, the unique concept combining freeride and freestyle, created to satisfy any taste, is branded Mottolino.

Season 15/16: New skilift Vallaccia

Smučišče Mottolino Fun Mountain/ Livigno

Livigno, in the heart of the Alpes, offers you its breathtaking nature, its bountiful opportunities for promenading with your whole family in a winter wonderland, enjoying the crisply fresh air, or practising your favourite sports activity.

Unforgettable days - with countless possibilities of activities - are waiting for you in Livigno:

Walks with the whole family and a guide to show you the wonderful nature, to get to know the people its customs and traditions; Trips with professional mountain guides getting into direct contact with the nature of the Alps;
Fantastic trips by mountain bike to the Stelvio and to the Swiss national park; Shopping, so you can gain from the circumstances that Livigno is a toll free zone; Gatherings so you may get to know not only the wonderful meals but even the excellent wines of the region; Discotheques for turning the night in to day.

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9 months ago - 3000funkygee

Kontakt Smučišče Mottolino Fun Mountain/ Livigno

Smučišče Mottolino Fun Mountain/ Livigno

Mottolino Fun Mountain
Bondi 473, I-23030 Livigno

+39 0342 970025
Snežni telefon
+39 0342 970025
+39 0342 970313
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Vlečnice Turistična zveza

Kontakt Turistična pisarna

Turistična pisarna Mottolino Fun Mountain/ Livigno

Azienda di Promozione e Sviluppo Turistico
Via Saroch 1098/A, I-23030 Livigno

+39 0342 977800

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