BERGFEX: Smučišče Davos Jakobshorn - Smučarski dopust Davos Jakobshorn

Smučišča Graubünden

Smučišče Davos Jakobshorn

1.540 - 2.590m
Skrij zemljevid

Davos Jakobshorn

1.540 - 2.590m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Davos Jakobshorn
Snežne razmereDanes, 05:00
Danes, 05:00
105 cm
52 cm
10 od 10
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Vlečnice Davos Jakobshorn


Obratovalni časi Zima

03.12.2021 - 18.04.2022
08:15 - 17:15

3. Dez. 2021 - 18. April 2022
Durchgehender Betrieb

Smučarske proge Davos Jakobshorn

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Freeride/ Rute
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55 km

Novosti Davos Jakobshorn

A new, state-of-the-art gondola lift from Davos Platz to Jschalp is available since December 2014. The new aerial tramway greatly increases the level of comfort for guests and doubles capacity, making the Jakobshorn even easier to ascend – great news for visitors to the mountain, which is renowned for its range of restaurants and freestyle pistes.

Smučišče Davos Jakobshorn

Enjoy Jakobshorn Davos in winter and in summer! Modern ski and hiking resort. 3 gondolas, 4 chairlifts, 3 ski tows. Transport capacity of more than 13,000 persons per hour. Slopes with all degrees of difficulty are mechanically prepared (snow making systems available). 7 restaurants, 7 sun terraces, 15 hotel and sport accommodation with a total of 1,400 beds.

The right hotel for everybody. Attractive weekend packages will help you save money. Breakfast, ski pass Jakobshorn/region are included from 3 nights onwards. Our favourits in Davos Platz are: Snowboard Hotel Bolgenschanze, Snowboarders' Palace, Alte Post, in Davos Dorf incl. ski pass Parsenn; Hotel Montana and Hotel Real.

Some of the hot addresses for steadfast winter sportsmen and night owls are the venues of the Jakobshorn / Fun Mountain, the Apéro Bar in the Snowboard Hotel Bolgenschanze, Boglen Plaza as well as Cava. Live-music and crazy parties turn the night into day and provide an unforgettable experience until the sun calls you back to the half pipe or the deep snow.

During the season events are scheduled, starting with the "Plausch Race" to the Snowboard World Tour.

Kontakt Smučišče Davos Jakobshorn

Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG
Brämabüelstrasse 11, CH-7270 Davos Platz

+41 81 417 61 50
Snežni telefon
+41 81 417 62 22
+41 81 417 61 22
Domača stran
Vlečnice Turistična zveza
Ocenjevanje 4,0
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