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556 - 2.200m
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556 - 2.200m

The village of Pill near Schwaz with its 1,000 inhabitants spans the districts of Pill, Niederberg und Pillberg – the district of Hochpillberg is located at more than 2,200 metres and is the sunny balcony of the township.

Village life in Pill is shaped by traditional customs. Numerous clubs and associations are at home in Pill and at Pillberg. Be it the shooting association, music band or young farmers - everyone wants to join in and live their traditions with all their heart. The village is particularly proud of its 500-year-old town hall, which also houses the "Schusterhaus Gallery".

Also worth a visit in Pill is the Tirolean schnapps museum Plankenhof, located in a 500-year-old vaulted cellar. In the Bio Hotel Grafenast, you can admire the private collection of the house as well as take a look back at the history of skiing. Furthermore, the gallery features alternating exhibitions by international artists.

A panorama well worth seeing.

The Kellerjoch was a popular starting point in the Western Alps already some 200 years ago.
Enjoy the incredible views of the wonderful Alpine panorama – from the Karwendel across the Brandenberg Alps and the Zillertal glaciers.
To make your way a little shorter, you can take the Kellerjochbahn lift to Hecherhaus Alpine Lodge. In summer, countless hiking trails in this special Tirolean holiday region are waiting to be discovered. Lush alpine meadows, wonderful panoramic views and clear mountain air beckon to linger. Go on a journey of discovery and that in any season. Spring is famous for the sea of the 100,000 alpine roses, in summer hiking is also a popular above the treeline, autumn shines in a colourful coat of leaves and in winter the area around and, of course, "by" the Kellerjoch is a true paradise for sports fans and connoisseurs who like things a little more peaceful.

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TVB Silberregion Karwendel
Münchner Straße 11, A-6130 Schwaz

+43 5242 63240
+43 5242 63240 99
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Berg- und Schilift Schwaz-Pill GesmbH
Innsbrucker Straße 15/1, A-6130 Schwaz

+43 5242 62323
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  • Schwaz-Pill - Kellerjochbahn
    09.07.2022 - 02.10.2022 (1 Vlečnica)
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