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BERGFEX: Smučišče Burglift Stans - Smučarski dopust Burglift Stans - Wintersportgebiet Burglift Stans

Smučišče Burglift Stans

Burglift Stans

560 - 800m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Burglift Stans

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Novosti Burglift Stans

The ski oasis in the middle of the village
The fun park and a state-of-the-art snowmaking facility give this ski area its special touch. Because where else is it possible to ski in the valley and in the centre of the village? The lift is suitable for young and old "first-time skiers", and it offers the bigger local children, youth and adults a chance to hit the slopes for a couple of hours without having to make a long journey.

Smučišče Burglift Stans

Winter. Cheerfulness guaranteed
The ski school and ski rental outlet are located next to the piste. The little ones can take their first steps on the snow below the lift entry point with the help of two conveyor bands.
A small hut offers skiers the chance to warm up with hot drinks and snacks. Twice a week, night-time skiing is offered on the Stans piste, the HOTZONE.TV-Snowpark Stans also offers sensationally col freestyler attractions.

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Kontakt Smučišče Burglift Stans

Smučišče Burglift Stans

Burglift Stans
Vogelsang 213, A-6135 Stans

+43 (0)676 831003610
Snežni telefon
+43676 831003610
+43 (0)5242 690974
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