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BERGFEX: Smučišče Albiez Montrond - Smučarski dopust Albiez Montrond - Wintersportgebiet Albiez Montrond

Smučišče Albiez Montrond

Albiez Montrond

1.490 - 2.100m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Albiez Montrond

Smučišče Albiez Montrond

There are many reasons to appreciate Albiez ... but it's mainly the beautiful landscape and the authenticity that can still be found in our village. 67 hectares of alpine skiing slopes are available around the two main villages of the area: Chef-lieu and le Mollard, which range from 1,500 m to 2,100 m above sea level.

For beginners, green slopes and ski lessons are available. Experienced skiers will enjoy varied and challenging slopes, and they can - depending on the weather situation - match each other at the boardercross slope or in the snowpark.

Ski passes can be purchased directly or online. The cash desks are open daily from 08:45 to 16:00, on Saturdays during the holiday period until 19:00.

Away from the ski slopes Albiez offers a wonderful natural area for snowshoe hikers and nordic touring.

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Smučišče Albiez Montrond

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