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BERGFEX: Smučišče Peisey Vallandry / Paradiski - Smučarski dopust Peisey Vallandry / Paradiski - Wintersportgebiet Peisey Vallandry / Paradiski

Smučišče Peisey Vallandry / Paradiski

Peisey Vallandry / Paradiski

1.300 - 3.226m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Peisey Vallandry / Paradiski

Snežne razmere

Danes, 14:53 402 cm 154 cm 48 od 53
  Hrib Dolina Odprte vlečnice
Our mountains begin to turn white ... think first traces and European cinéma festival

Novosti Peisey Vallandry / Paradiski

  • The Vanoise Express *

Liaison Peisey-Vallandry / La Plagne. Created to cross the Valley of Peisey-Vallandry.
The extraordinary Vanoise Express cable car is a unique technical feat. It is today the largest cable car in the world since each of the two 2-story cabins can carry 200 people.
(Capacity: 2,000 people per hour and per direction)

Smučišče Peisey Vallandry / Paradiski

Peisey Vallandry, a heart of histories in the heart of Paradiski... Vast, pleasurable ski-ing, a real village, well priced Peisey-Vallandry is an authentic village resort, situated in Savoie, in the heart of Paradiski, the new linked ski area of Les Arcs and La Plagne.The Peisey-Vallandry ski runs are on the sunny, wooded mountainside of Les Arcs (skipass covering both areas).Peisey-Vallandry also has a vast cross country ski-ing area (44 km) where one can also go for sledge rides, practice snow shoe walking, biathlon or just simply explore on foot.

Paradiski is skier's paradise with 425km of slopes to explore. Enjoy 5 summits over 2000m and modern, fast & comfortable lifts. 70% of the ski area is above of 2,000m and exceptional snow coverage is guaranteed.

Kontakt Smučišče Peisey Vallandry / Paradiski

Smučišče Peisey Vallandry / Paradiski

Snežni telefon
+33 (0)4 79 07 94 28
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