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Tek na smučeh Wald am Schoberpass

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Wald am Schoberpass

850 m

Loipenplan Wald am Schoberpass

This cross-country skiing region lies between the River Enns and the Mur Valley. The cross-country skiing network is equipped with a continuous trail for "classic" and skating-style skiers. It leads through the entire region, which comprises Vorwald, Wald and Unterwald. It is in a particularly good position, in terms of geography as well as climate, which makes it possible to be well looked after throughout the whole winter. You can access the trail at Wald train station, Wald primary school on the Schober Pass and at the Gasthof Gruber in Vorwald. By the way: here, everything is done by the town mayor himself. And because he is an enthusiastic cross-country skier, praise, wishes and suggestions are best passed on on the trail itself. Its three circuits have a total length of 16 kilometres. The town itself is approximately 850 metres above sea level, which makes the 20 kilometres of winter hiking trails particularly pleasant - with or without snow shoes and with or without a horse-drawn sleigh.


Erwachsene Tageskarte - Euro 4,00
Kinder Tageskarte - Euro 2,00
Erwachsene Saisonkarte Euro 40,00
Kinder Saisonkarte Euro 20,00

Možnosti dostopa

GH Fink Gerlinde, GH Gruber Claudia, GH Leitner Mario;

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Spletna stran
+43/(0)3834-700-22; bzw. +43/(0)676-840 833 666
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10 km
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10 km
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21 Ocene
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Gemeinde Wald am Schoberpass

Wald am Schobepraß 57a, A-8781 Wald am Schoberpass
+43 (0)3834 700-22
+43 (0)834 700-25

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