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Tek na smučeh Eisenerzer Ramsau

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Eisenerzer Ramsau

1.010 - 1.064m

Loipenplan Eisenerzer Ramsau

The people of Eisenerz are not exaggerating when they say: we get snow well into the spring. The cross-country skiing region in the sunny heights at the foot of the Kaiserschild is known for its excellent snow conditions. When gliding across the white stuff, you go past the ski jump and can see a bit of the young Austrian skiing talent. There are more than a few current World Cup stars who have remained true to their roots. Mario Stecher is just one of them. There is another advantage to the training centre being here: there are free showering and changing facilities in the youth and family host villages. You can, of course, access the cross-country skiing trail directly from them. Three trails await guests with a total length of 21 varied kilometres for every level of expertise. And for those that want a chance to enjoy themselves or relax off the skiing trails, the region also offers alternatives in winter hiking, an ice rink and the Eisenerz vitality spa and spa experience.


Možnosti dostopa

3 Einkehrmöglichkeiten entlang der Loipen (Gasthaus Pichlerhof, Gasthaus Gemeindealm, JUFA Hotel Eisenerz)

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Spletna stran
+43 (0)3848 - 5255 od. +43 (0)664 8219501
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klasične smučarske tekaške proge
10.5 km
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10.5 km
Ocenjevanje 4,2
27 Ocene
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Mario-Stecher-Platz 1, A-8790 Eisenerz
+43 (0)3848 3700
+43 (0)3848 2100

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