Zlarin is still an undiscovered gem of our coast that year after year attracts tourists even more. That is mostly because of its untouched nature where you have an impression as you are dreaming or as you went astray on a place that has nothing to do with the present.

Along with the beautiful sound of waves, crickets and restaurants that are close to the sea, you can enjoy delicious local and international food.

We offer accommodation in the Hotel Koralj placed on the seashore or at some of the nicely decorated apartments or rooms where you can rest and spend an unforgettable vacation.

This is a place that will excite you with its kind hosts, but also a place with a large selection of dishes and drinks. Cultural events, as well, certainly won’t be missing.

Away from the crowd, Zlarin draws attention of those who want a bit different vacation and of those who know how to appreciate the real values of nature.

During the summer, you can attend numerous cultural events. Many famous people attend various events in Zlarin. Locals always gladly accept new ideas and projects. Every year we organize many events such as exhibits, art classes, schools for studying the čakavski dialect, traditional Srdelada fest, numerous art, music and acting classes for children and the final show on Leroj square. It is a show in which adults and kids participate under the leadership of the most popular Croatian actors, singers, painters, etc. We have to mention that every year an internationally known violinist Orest Shourgot performs benefit concerts of classical music in the Church of Mary’s Ascension.

Source: www.tz-zlarin.hr/tourism/

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