Zlarin is a small island placed in the Dalmatian coast in Croatia, close to the city of Šibenik. Zlarin is a combination of untouched nature, rich tradition, hospitable inhabitants and attractive offers. Regardless of whether you’ve visited zlarin or not, we would like to share several interesting facts you might not know.

Zlarin is world famous for its corals, which are small animals that petrify as soon as they are taken out of the sea. Throughout history, coral jewelry has been given as a present to newborn babies because coral becomes white with higher body temperatures. It was believed that corals provided protection from bewitchment.

Many people have not even heard about this most beautiful place, the treasure of the Sibenik archipelago and the pearl of the Adriatic sea.

A lot of people, though, have heard and have visited this island and they are now regular visitors. Zlarin gets 2700 hours of sun per year. It is the sunniest island in the Adriatic sea.

Zlarin is a known nautical place: Since the olden days, it has been known as a safe harbour for sailors because it is sheltered from all winds and safe for sailing.

The highest spot on the island is the hill, Klepac, (169 m). From the top, on a clear day, you can see an unforgettable view over the mountain Velebit and a little volcanic island called Jabuka.

Source: www.tz-zlarin.hr/ten-reasons-to-visit-zlarin/

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