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Region Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See


768 - 1.797m
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768 - 1.797m


Verditz lies in the heart of the Carinthian Mountains and is perfect for those looking for new holiday ideas and experiences. Verditz has everything from gentle walks in the summer to snow-shoeing through pristine natural conditions in winter. Indeed throughout the year Verditz has plenty to offer bringing you back time and time again.

Traditional meets Cosmopolitan

From its beginnings as the place where wealthy locals from Villach and the surrounding areas chose to build their holiday homes, Verditz presents itself today as a mountain resort with excellent recreational facilities with international residents in chic chalets and rustic farmhouses. A warm welcome awaits you either wandering through the forests and pathways in the summer or enjoying snowy scenes and sports in winter. In peaceful natural surroundings, whatever the season, you will find nature at her best!

In addition to the many walks around Amberger-Alm and Mirnock there are also over 1,000 kilometres of cycling and mountain bike trails for all levels to explore. If you like the water Afritzer Lake lies in the valley with summer water temperatures up to 26 degrees Celsius. In winter the lake freezes to become a wonderful setting for ice skating and curling.

Surprisingly different.

Verditz offeres differnet cottages and apartments to choose from or you decide to stay in the art-lodge with lots of art indoors and outdoors or in the international Blue Mountain Hotel with its own motorcycle garage.

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Region Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See

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Region Villach Tourismus GmbH
Peraustraße 32, A-9500 Villach

+43 4242 42000
+43 4242 42000
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