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Sulden am Ortler

1.906 - 3.905m
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Sulden am Ortler

1.906 - 3.905m

Welcome at Solda
Solda lies high up in the mountains but it has its compensations. Tired legs from active days are quickly forgotten in the cool of the evening. Crystal-clear air is balsam for both body and soul.

300 days of sun and beautiful views of the Alps. South Tyrolean tradition and hospitality will spoil you. A delight for the palate: from the delicious local foods of the mountain dairy huts and refuges to the local gourmet cuisine.

Ocenjevanje 4,4
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Kontakt Sulden am Ortler

Ferienregion Ortlergebiet
Hauptstrasse 72, I-39029 Sulden

+39 0473 613015
+39 0473 613182
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Kontakt Vlečnice

Seilbahnen Sulden GmbH
Sulden 127, I-39029 Sulden

+39 0473 613047
+39 0473 613112
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