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Westlicher Bodensee


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Nature – Experience – Environment – Health
Radolfzell is the town with the longest accessible lake shore on Lake Constance. Reed beds, mixed woodland and natural lakes – nowhere is the Lake Constance landscape more diverse or untouched. Surrounded by a nature reserve, the METTNAU is located on the eponymous peninsula, one of the longest-standing centres for movement therapy in Germany.
The large squares and narrow alleyways of the old town tell fascinating stories from the founding of Radolfzell to modern times. Today, they provide space for lively happenings in traditional festivals, weekly and evening markets and much more besides. With great offers, numerous retailers and the large seemaxx outlet centre offer the opportunity to enjoy an extended shopping tour. A number of restaurants and cafés are perfect for whiling away the time.

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Kontakt Radolfzell

Tourismus- und Stadtmarketing Radolfzell GmbH
Kirchgasse 30, D-78315 Radolfzell am Bodensee

+49 7732 81500
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