Heidelberg - City of Romance

Around 14 million tourists and 1.4 million overnight stays in over 8,000 guest beds in 2022 - Heidelberg is one of Germany's major tourist magnets. The former royal seat is the epitome of German romanticism and is high on the wish list of many city travellers. Last but not least, the world-famous Heidelberg Castle casts its spell over countless visitors every year. The romantic old town and Heidelberg's picturesque location on the Neckar, surrounded by mountains and forests, have also fascinated visitors throughout the ages.

Fascinating sights

And rightly so, after all, the city offers a wealth of highly diverse sights in a manageable space. The majestic Heidelberg Castle high above the old town literally crowns Heidelberg. The fact that it has been mostly in ruins for more than 300 years is what gives it its very special charm. Heidelberg Castle was the residence of the Electors of the Palatinate for almost five centuries.

Inseparably linked to the city's history is also the more than 600-year-old University Ruperto Carola with its almost sacred-looking Old Assembly Hall. It is the oldest university in Germany.

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