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553 - 777m
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553 - 777m

Mühlbach is located at the entrance of the Pustertal valley and has had market village status since 1269. Ancient walls, stately manors and refined townhouses bear witness of its long-standing history. Located at the heart of an important traffic artery, Mühlbach forms the centre of the Ski- and Almenregion “Gitschberg – Jochtal”. The multifaceted hustle and bustle can best be enjoyed on a leisurely shopping stroll with a culinary stop-over at one of the cafés. Direct bus connections from Mühlbach to the picturesque Vallertal, the sunny Meransen, the Rodenecker-Lüsner Alm as well as Spinges with its old farms, all just a stone’s throw away and certainly worth a trip. Also, the cable car takes you up to Meransen as well. Alternatively, you can catch the train to the Pustertal or take the bus to Brixen.

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Tourismusverein Gitschberg Jochtal
Jochtalstr. 1, I-39037 Mühlbach / Vals

+39 0472 547113
+39 0472 541214
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