Les 3 Vallées


1.100 - 2.952m
Skrij zemljevid
1.100 - 2.952m

The mountain, especially in Méribel, elegantly offers both the sporting addict or leisure seeker flavours, landscapes, pleasures for the tasting buds.

Away from the Mediterranean scorching sun, revive your body in the cool shade of the cembro pines, tone up your muscles mountain biking with your family or your friends. Revive the child within you at the magic shows or relax on the golf course.

For the nature lovers, the Vanoise National Park and its glaciers, just a few miles off Méribel-Mottaret, as well as the Tueda Nature Reservation with its largest Cembro pine forest in Europe, offer close to 400 miles of marked trails for days of harmonious communion with the environment.

Spending a vacation in Méribel means choosing to let yourself be guided by the themed weeks under the valley’s bright sunshine and the mellow amber light of dusk embracing the slate roofed wooden chalets.

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Kontakt Méribel

Office de Tourisme de Meribel
Maison du Tourisme - BP1, FR-73550 Méribel

+33 479 086001
+33 479 005961
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