A sea of fragrant and blossoming fruit trees, fresch green colours and the calming Sound of the wanter - that´s how nature feel like in the valley of the river "Lavant". A Festival of senses awaits the visitor.
With a spectacular landscape, historic character, culinary delight and welcoming hosts the Holiday becomes an unforgettable experience.

Hiking aficionados will find the Lavanttal Valley very much to their liking. Explore the beaty of the region on the 1000 km of well-marked, family-friendly hiking trails.
Numerous themed hiking paths invite you to take a walk or a stroll.

On tour between river and mountain peaks. Explore the region on bike on the many family-friendly cycle tracks an quiet side roades. Well-marked mountain bike tours offer spectacular views and will remain unforgotten.
The "Via Carinzia" is a very Special experience - the new tour from Rosental Valley to Lake Klopeiner See on the Drau Cycle Track an the Lavant Cycle Track to the Styrian boarder.

The Lavant Valley is also called the "Paradise of Carinthia", not only for ist richness in fruit but also because of the exquisite culinary delights offered here. Award-winning inns and restaurants serve delicacies; taverns invite thier guests to hearty Lavanttal Snacks. The high-Quality farm produce ranges from trout to lavanttal cheese.
Try the best distilled spirits, apple Juice and cider from the region.

80 km of wonderful ski slopes cast a spell over the Region every year and turn it into a real skiing paradise. The gentle slopes of the Lavanttal Valley ski Areas are excellent for beginners and those returning to skiing and make the region "Carinthia´s ski school"
Away from the pistes, the Lavanttal Valley offers all the trendiest activities: winter and snowshoe hiking, corss-country skiing, ice-skating, culring, sledging and much more.

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Regionalmanagement Lavanttal GmbH
Minoritenplatz 1
9400 Wolfsberg
phone: +43/(0)4352/28 78
Fax: +43/(0)4352/28 78-9

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