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BERGFEX: Kasern / Hl. Geist: Dopust Kasern / Hl. Geist - Potovati Kasern / Hl. Geist


Kasern / Hl. Geist

1.566 - 1.600m
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Kasern / Hl. Geist

1.566 - 1.600m

The highest village of the Valle Aurina-Ahrntal is Casere-Kasern. At the beautiful end of the valley, it is possible to rest at various Alpine huts and to enjoy local delicacies. But Casere-Kasern is best known for its small pilgrimage church, the Church of the Holy Spirit. The idyllic church is located in a marvellous Alpine meadow landscape. It attracts numerous visitors throughout the entire year, and contributing to this are also the stories and legends surrounding the pilgrimage church.

Casere-Kasern is located in the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina/Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park. Both in summer and in winter people can enjoy various activities in the middle of pure, uncontaminated nature: in summer, they can enjoy hikes on every level of difficulty and mountain bike tours, in winter there are sunny cross-country tracks, a lot of winter hiking paths, trails for snowshoeing and ski touring, as well as a short toboggan run with a magic carpet and a natural ice rink.

Source: TV Ahrntal

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Kontakt Kasern / Hl. Geist

Tourismusverein Ahrntal
Ahrnerstraße 22, I-39030 Luttach/Ahrntal

+39 0474 671136
+39 0474 830240
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