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160 - 984m
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160 - 984m

Welcome to Gernsbach - the health resort in the Black Forest

Gernsbach, what used to be the village of raftsmen, is embedded into the wonderful scenery of the Northern Black Forest, on the edge of the narrow and wooded part of the
romantic Murg Valley. Together with its surroundings, Gernsbach off ers best opportunities for relaxing and holiday enjoyment. Because of the mild climate in this forest region,
Gernsbach is also called the “Gem of the Murg Valley”.

Pure nature - Spa gardens and a large number of hiking trails
The wild-romantic spa gardens with their 54,000 square meters are unequalled. The 450 kilometers of hiking trails and foot paths are well signed, especially the Western Path is very attractive for demanding and experienced hikers. We also off er guided hiking tours.
Make sure to taste some of our famous chestnuts along the trail. Gernsbach has a lot to offer. You discover interesting history in the old part of the town. We invite you on a round trip through the old part of our town.

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Igelbachstr. 11, D-76593 Gernsbach

+49 7224 644 44
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