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BERGFEX: Smučišče Risoul - La Fôret Blanche - Smučarski dopust Risoul - La Fôret Blanche - Wintersportgebiet Risoul - La Fôret Blanche

Smučišče Risoul - La Fôret Blanche

Risoul - La Fôret Blanche

1.850 - 2.750m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Risoul - La Fôret Blanche

Snežne razmere

Danes, 14:51 195 cm 125 cm od 41
  Hrib Dolina Odprte vlečnice
Station ouverte du 09 Décembre 2017 au 22 Avril 2018

Novosti Risoul - La Fôret Blanche

Maximum waiting-time: 5 minutes!
With recent installations waiting queues for ski departures were greatly thinned. Waiting queues to Risoul are managed so that even during peak season in February, you won't wait more than 10 minutes.

Smučišče Risoul - La Fôret Blanche

The Forêt Blanche ski area: the southern twin ski resorts of Risoul and Vars share 185 km of groomed slopes.

At 1850 m in altitude, the resort is nestled within a larch forest,its wood and stone clad cottages and residences give it the aspect of a mountain village that has lived through time and seasons.

With a total of 18 000 beds, hotels, holiday village, tourist residences, furnished apartments for rent, are the different accomodation possibilities.
The main street and the piste-front present the heart of an animated and joyful resort.

Kontakt Smučišče Risoul - La Fôret Blanche

Smučišče Risoul - La Fôret Blanche

Office de Tourisme de Risoul
FR-05600 Risoul 1850

+33 (0)4 92460260
Snežni telefon
+33 (0)4 92 46 02 60
+33 (0)492 460123
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