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BERGFEX: Smučišče Pra Loup / Espace Lumière - Smučarski dopust Pra Loup / Espace Lumière - Wintersportgebiet Pra Loup / Espace Lumière

Smučišče Pra Loup / Espace Lumière

Pra Loup / Espace Lumière

1.600 - 2.500m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Pra Loup / Espace Lumière

Snežne razmere

včeraj, 16:51 140 cm 5 cm od 19
  Hrib Dolina Odprte vlečnice
This day 02/24/2015, bad weather conditions, risks of disturbances on the ski lifts.

Smučišče Pra Loup / Espace Lumière

One of the biggest resorts in the southern Alps, Pra Loup is one of two resorts that make up the "Espace Lumière", a huge ski-field that links the Ubaye Valley to the Val d'Allos and which boasts over 180 km of pistes.

All abilities are catered for and there are runs of all levels. Snowboarders and freestyle skiers are well looked-after with a terrain park and several natural half-pipes.

Pra Loup resort has everything you need for a successful ski holiday, a wide range of accomodation, numerous restaurants, clubs and bars, family entertainment such as ice skating and a cinema and everyday necessities such as minimarkets and bakers.

Founded in the 1960s, Pra Loup quickly became the number one resort for skiers from Marseille and Toulon.

With cold, clear nights to keep the snow fresh and warm Mediterranean sunshine during the day, Pra Loup boasts a climate that few resorts can rival.

The creation of the link between Pra Loup and the Val d'Allos in the 80s has resulted in a massive ski area offering miles of uninterrupted skiing with no need for shuttle buses or numerous cable cars, in the "Espace Lumière" you can literally keep your skis on from first thing until the slopes close for the night.

The ski area is dotted with altitude restaurants and snack-bars meaning there is no need to return to base unless you want to.

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Kontakt Smučišče Pra Loup / Espace Lumière

Smučišče Pra Loup / Espace Lumière

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+33 (0)4 92 84 11 54
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