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BERGFEX: Smučišče Les Gets / Portes du Soleil - Smučarski dopust Les Gets / Portes du Soleil - Wintersportgebiet Les Gets / Portes du Soleil

Smučišče Les Gets / Portes du Soleil

Les Gets / Portes du Soleil

1.172 - 2.002m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Les Gets / Portes du Soleil

Snežne razmere

danes, 09:17 30 cm 10 cm od 49
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Novosti Les Gets / Portes du Soleil

Sled Dogs is a winter sport originating from Norway where skaters wear snow skates – called Sled dogs - to descend the slopes.
A snow skate is a boot with a flat skate moulded to the bottom. The boot is light and comfortable and the ski-width sliding surface ensures a grip on all types of snow. Snow skates are easy to control, so are perfect for skiers of all levels to either learn or perfect their snow-sport skills, improve technique, get fit or train for competitions – with little risk of injury.

Largely inspired by extreme sports like Ice Cross downhill and competitive skiing, this new discipline has been introduced in Les Gets to open the sport to a wider public. Anyone can try snow skating - ice-hockey players, artistic skaters or roller skaters now have an exciting opportunity to try their sport on snow! Beginners can now learn to skate on snow during their winter holidays.
Equipment is available to rent in the Skimium shops in Les Gets.

The official European Sled Dog Centre will set up home by the Turche drag lift in Les Gets this winter. Free introduction sessions will be available to the public. For the first time ever in France, a World Championship stage will be held in Les Gets in January 2017 bringing over a hundred competitive skaters together for a fun, new event rounded off with a show and after-ski party…

Smučišče Les Gets / Portes du Soleil

Situated between Lac Léman and Mont Blanc, Les Gets is an integral part of the Franco-Swiss Portes du Soleil area. A charming village with sympathetically retained Savoyard architecture, it draws mountain lovers seeking traditional values and tranquillity from the world over.
In winter, the ski lifts are quickly and easily accessible making skiing the obvious choice to discover the ski area and its forests and pastures.
On either side of the village are the two slopes of Les Chavannes and Mont Chéry. Each ski area has its own individual characteristics making them the perfect playground for skiers of all levels.

Opposite the Mont Blanc mountain chain, Mont Chéry’s slopes are generally the choice of more experienced skiers, freestylers and ski-clubs, who regularly train in the area. There are special prices for ski-clubs, regular competitions and posts and stopwatches are available for training purposes.
It is ideal for the more reflective skier and great for powder skiing. The runs are mainly red and black with two slalom runs and a snowpark.

The Chavannes slopes are varied and suitable for families and skiers of all levels, with special zones reserved for beginners and children grouped in the same area: Mappys area, Grand Cry territory, Mauve Milka® piste, boarder cross...It is also the departure point for connections to the other ski resorts in the Portes du Soleil.

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Kontakt Smučišče Les Gets / Portes du Soleil

Smučišče Les Gets / Portes du Soleil

Office de Tourisme Les Gets
89 impasse du Front de Neige, FR-74260 Les gets

+33 (0)4 50758099
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+33 (0)+ 33 4 50 74 74 74
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