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BERGFEX: Smučišče Boi-Taüll Resort - Smučarski dopust Boi-Taüll Resort - Wintersportgebiet Boi-Taüll Resort

Smučišče Boi-Taüll Resort

Boi-Taüll Resort

2.020 - 2.751m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Boi-Taüll Resort

Smučišče Boi-Taüll Resort

The ski resort Boi Taüll is the ski resort with the highest attainable point in the Pyrenees (2,750 m) and therefore normally also snow-sure. The area is outstandingly suitable and the perfect starting place for beginners due to its nine little challenging, green slopes. Part of the area is above, part below the tree line and the slopes thus offer long runs.

The resort Boi Taüll has tried to make the entire ski area on the American model, and thus the full range of services, conveniences and options of relaxation and leisure activities are offered. So there is the SPA Augusta, where are a number of typical spa treatments such as saunas, massages and water pools.

The ski resort itself is a unique place with great views and natural landscape. The tourist offers harmonize very well with the natural surroundings such as the Natural Park Aigüestortes and Lake St. Maurcio.

While in the nearby village of Boi little après-ski and nightlife is on offer, especially the various holiday parks trump with an extensive, evening entertainment. Other activities beside skiing are usually rafting and canoeing and other adventure sports in the immediate vicinity.

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Smučišče Boi-Taüll Resort

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+34 (0)902 304 430
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