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BERGFEX: Smučišče Valgrande-Pajares - Smučarski dopust Valgrande-Pajares - Wintersportgebiet Valgrande-Pajares

Smučišče Valgrande-Pajares


1.467 - 1.862m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Valgrande-Pajares

Smučišče Valgrande-Pajares

The ski resort Valgrande-Pajares in the Cantabrian Mountains is located in the municipality of Lena. Lena can look back on a long skiing tradition, but does not lose the look into the future in order to satisfy the wishes of loyal customers with permanent renovations .

The ski resort Valgrande-Pajares was opened already back in 1954 and it is closely linked to the major cities of Asturias and the city of Leon. Near the Cantabrian coast, the mythical Pajares, with its 2,000 meters high peaks is one of the oldest ski resorts in Spain.

The ski area offers a wide range of services and facilities: medical service, ski and snowboard school (30 teachers), equipment rental, kindergarten, recreation areas, sports courts, cafe, restaurant, etc..

The area covers 21.5 km of slopes, 5 chairlifts and 5 ski lifts with a transport capacity of 7,000 passengers / hour. In addition, there are cross-country trails, a snow-park and a competition stage.

It has 150 accommodation places on the ski slopes and 500 other sleepings in a radius of 3 - 50 km.

The cities of Oviedo and Leon are 40 minutes away, Gijón 50 min. The geographical proximity made it possible to combine skiing with other sports and nature experiences, as well as cultural, culinary experiences.

All in all this makes Valgrande-Pajares a suitable winter sports destination for beginners, families and groups.

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Kontakt Smučišče Valgrande-Pajares

Smučišče Valgrande-Pajares

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