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BERGFEX: Werfen: Dopust Werfen - Potovati Werfen

Tennengebirge - Hagengebirge


548 - 2.943m
Skrij zemljevid


548 - 2.943m

Werfen - Enjoyable holidays in any season!

The historic village of Werfen is located in the Salzburg region, embedded in a wild romantic mountain landscape between Hochkönig, Tennengebirge and Hagengebirge mountain range.
The Eisriesenwelt is a world-famous sight - it is the world´s largest ice cave. Or visit the impressive Fortress of Hohenwerfen which offers guided tours and birds of prey shows and the 1st falcon´s museum.
A new sight ist The Sound of Music Trail. 50 years after the filming, the town of Werfen has created a kind of hiking monument to the film, building “The Sound of Music Trail” which leads up to the famous field where Julie Andrews as Maria von Trapp and the children enjoy a picnic together and learn the well-known song “DO-RE-MI”. With several interactive stations along the way, the path begins in the center of Werfen next to the tourist office. With sturdy shoes on their feet, young and old can complete this easy hike in about an hour.
Werfen is well known for its culinary delights. Traditional inns and knight´s meals, gourmet dinners - everything you could possibly desire - try the Restaurant Obauer which has won several prizes or one of the other inns here in Werfen.
Werfen is wonderful for hiking and due to its central location you can reach the numerous sights and outing destinations in very short time.

Tourist-Board Werfen
Markt 24
A-5450 Werfen
Tel. +43/6468/5388
Fax +43/6468/5388-1

Open daily from monday - friday: 9 to 12 am and 2 to 5 pm

Ocenjevanje 4,4
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Kontakt Werfen

TVB Werfen
Markt 24, A-5450 Werfen

+43 (0)6468 5388
+43 (0)6468 5388 1
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Kraji Tennengebirge - Hagengebirge
Jezera Werfen
Vlečnice Poletno obratovanje
  • Werfenweng
    25.05.2019 - 27.10.2019 (2 Vlečnice)
Športni ponudniki Werfen
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