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Seget is almost connected to Trogir which extraordinary cultural heritage must be seen once you are here. Various accommodation facilities (hotels, campsites, rooms and apartments), rich offer of wholesome food (fruits and vegetables), particularly traditional specialties from the hinterland (lamb) as well as sea food and fresh fish.

Many sport and recreational possibilities, especially watersport facilities, and night fishing make Seget and its surrounding a great tourist resort that meets requirements of every kind of tourists.

The cultural and historical offer of Trogir or Split, with the highest quality repertoire, can quench thirst of even the most selective visitors. A 1-km long walk by the sea leads to the tourist resort Medena.


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Kontakt Seget

Tourist-Info Seget
HR-21218 Seget

+385 21 880 559
+385 21 880 559
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