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Erste Ferienregion im Zillertal


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Schlitters is a romantic, family-friendly holiday resort at the entrance of the Ziller Valley. An attractive resort where the accommodation is mainly private rooms, guesthouses and family appartements. The very affordable room rates means there is accomodation to suit every budget, but you won't miss out on the facilities offered by the FIRST HOLIDAY RESORT IN ZILLERTAL.
Schlitters is situated beside the main Ziller Valley federal highway and so, as soon as you arrive, you'll find everything you need to know about the Ziller Valley.

The valley's most beautiful ski areas are easy reachable with the free ski bus. More activities like tobogganing, cross-country skiing, curling, paragliding and winter hiking are right on the doorstep.

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Kontakt Schlitters

Erste Ferienregion im Zillertal
Hauptstraße 54, A-6263 Fügen

+43 (0)5288 62262
+43 (0)5288 63070
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Jezera Schlitters
Vlečnice Poletno obratovanje
  • Fügen - Spieljoch
    27.06.2020 - 26.10.2020 (2 Vlečnice)
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