The little town with the long memory - as Heinrich A. Liebetrau fondly called Rheinfelden. On the following pages, we invite you to explore the many attractions of Rheinfelden.

From a walking tour through the Old Town to a Wellness Day or a visit to the brewery - discover the diversity of Rheinfelden and the surrounding area.

A tour of Rheinfelden - where to begin, when Rheinfelden's Old Town has so much to offer: interesting sights, large and small, public splendour and hidden gems? A good starting point is the Town Hall, centrally located on Marktgasse, and boasting a solidly built tower. The Town Hall has a magnificent Baroque façade and a beautiful inner courtyard.

Stroll up Marktgasse and then at the Albrechtsplatz turn left to the Chapel of the Order of St John. Walk through the little gateway to the banks of the Rhine, which suddenly appears in all its majesty before you, and as you look downstream towards the town's skyline, you cannot fail to think: they had good taste, the people who built this lovely town!

Visit the well-preserved remains of the former encircling wall, with the Knife Tower, Stork's Nest Tower and Upper Gate Tower. And don't forget the splendid St Martin's church, where, above the church on the Hauptwachplatz, you can see how the houses of the clergy and the laity face each other defiantly. Plunge into the narrow little alleyways of the Old Town with their picturesque twists and turns and interesting names: Rumpelgasse, Futtergasse, Kuttelgasse, Geissgasse (Rumble Street, Forage Street, Tripe Street, Goat Street). Take a little detour over the old bridge across the Rhine to the little island where the first castle built by the Dukes of Rheinfelden used to stand. Then come back and turn left into Marktgasse, to return past many smartly refurbished shops back to your starting point by the Town Hall.

If you get hungry or thirsty on the way, Rheinfelden offers plenty of places to eat and drink. There is everything from a cosy pub in the Old Town to cultural bars and stylish sit-down restaurants. If you would like to find out more about Rheinfelden's secrets large and small, why not book one of the guided tours offered by Rheinfelden Tourist Office on a variety of themes.

Map of the Old Town - A walk through historic Rheinfelden

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