The town of Liestal

Liestal is the capital of the canton of Basel-Landschaft and of the district of Liestal. Situated 17 km south-east of Basel, it is the seat of cantonal authorities, courts and administrations and has an important central function in the Basel region.

Liestal's old town is an ideal place for a shopping stroll or a short shopping tour and offers a large selection of shops and cafés right next to each other in the beautiful city centre.

In the Stedtli you will find almost everything your heart desires. Liestal's old town is an attractive and well-kept shopping paradise with a wide range of offers and a lively district with many shops, cafés and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

Location and surroundings
There are many bus stations around Liestal's old town and the railway station is right next door. So you can reach the Stedtli easily by public transport. Parking spaces are limited in the old town, but there are several multi-storey car parks right next to it.

Worth seeing in Liestal are the old Törli, which forms the entrance to the old town. Also worth seeing are the harmonium museum, the poet and town museum and the old armoury. A trip to the lookout tower with its beautiful view of the Basel region is also worthwhile.

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