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The moor landscape of the High Fens has been a protected area since 1957. That means that this plateau, 5,000 hectares in size, is not only the oldest conservation area in Wallonia, but also probably the best known nature reserve in Belgium and the jewel of the German-Belgian High Fens – Eifel nature park. Year after year, tourist magnets such as the Signal du Botrange, the highest point or 'roof' of Belgium, and the Baraque Michel with all the stories that surround it, attract the young and the not so young to the High Fens.

But in fact there's a lot more to be discovered! 67,000 hectares of woodland and moor characterise the High Fens - Eifel region, in which less known attractions from primaeval times and small conservation areas often steal the show from their more famous siblings when it comes to natural beauty, the fascination of their legends or their ecological value.

Quelle: www.ostbelgien.eu/en/what-to-do/destinations/high-fens/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-high-fens

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