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Ferienregion Toggenburg


600 - 1.950m
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600 - 1.950m

The historic double village of Ebnat-Kappel lies at an altitude of 650 meters in the heart of Toggenburg. The backdrop of the Churfirsten and the Speer, Europe's highest Nagelfluhberg, looms in the distance, while the nearby hills slope rather gently and a mountain inn can be found on the crest of almost every one. Meanwhile, the Thur, which meanders through the valley and right through the middle of the long village, characterizes this romantic landscape. An intact nature with rare flowers and plants accompanies at every turn. The family skiing area Tanzboden with well-prepared slopes as well as several cross-country trails enrich the offer for carefree vacations.

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Ferienregion Toggenburg
Ferienregion Toggenburg

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Verkehrsverein Ebnat-Kappel
Ebnaterstrasse 4, CH-9642 Ebnat-Kappel

+41 71 9932911
+41 58 6674694
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