BERGFEX: Dossana - Val del Riso: Dopust Dossana - Val del Riso - Potovati Dossana - Val del Riso

Val Seriana / Serio-Tal

Dossana - Val del Riso

465 - 740m
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Dossana - Val del Riso

465 - 740m

To paraphrase J. R. R. Tolkien, the beautiful land in the middle between the high and low valley… Dossana - Val del Riso is a well-organised territory, the cradle of the Seriana civilisation.

Here, we find the archaeological digs in Parre, the mines of Gorno and the eco-museum.
And it is a historic land of hammers and economic traditions, of sanctuaries like that of Ponte Nossa and Oneta, and the gentle slopes of the river banks.

To the splendid natural terrace of Parre echoes the mysterious Val del Riso, an area to be discovered and which leads to the Val Brembana.


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IAT Val Seriana e Val di Scalve
via Europa 111/c, I-24028 Ponte Nossa

+39 035 704063
+39 035 0662593
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