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Smučišča Karlovy Vary Region

Smučišče Plešivec - Abertamy

830 - 1.028m
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Plešivec - Abertamy

830 - 1.028m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Plešivec - Abertamy
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Vlečnice Plešivec - Abertamy


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Smučarske proge Plešivec - Abertamy

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Smučišče Plešivec - Abertamy

The ski area Plešivec (Pless Berg) is the newest winter sports center in the Czech Republic. In the area between the municipalities Pstruží and Abertamy the ski resort offers three four-chair lifts (each is able to transport 2400 visitors per hour) and eight ski slopes with a total length of about twelve kilometers.

In the ski resort there are two entry points: in Pstruží (not far from the municipality Merklín) and not far from the city Abertamy, below the peak of Plešivec. Every visitor, whether a complete beginner or an experienced skier, will find here what he is looking for. In addition to the colorful scale of wide and well overlooking ski slopes, the area also offers any service, from Ski and snowboard hire on to ski service and Ski & Snowboard School, on to the refreshment facilities and amenities.

On the slopes of Ore skiers and snowboards get a lot their money.

  • 12 km well-kept and 100% technical snow-covered slopes of all difficulty levels.
  • The main slopes are between 50 and 80 meters wide, the longest is 4.2 km long.
  • Directly on the ski slopes there are ski bars and restaurants, so you really can spend the whole day on the ski slopes.

The little ones can have fun while skiing in the kids park, where are four magic carpets with a length of 30, 40 and 83 meters. Up to two 200 children can enjoy skiing in the custody of the instructor, 40 different attractions are offered.

The parking lot directly on the slopes is free for visitors.

Abertamy and Plešivec also offer regularly groomed cross-country trails in the Ore Mountains - For more information you can visit

Operating times of the ski and snowboard school: by personal or telephone agreement under +420 601563536.

Kontakt Smučišče Plešivec - Abertamy

Skisportareal Plešivec
Pstruží 71, CZ-365 01 Pstruží

+420 601 563 536
Snežni telefon
+420 601 563 536
Domača stran
Vlečnice Turistična zveza
Ocenjevanje 4,5
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