BERGFEX: Smučišče Lavarone - Luserna / Alpe Cimbra - Smučarski dopust Lavarone - Luserna / Alpe Cimbra

Smučišča Trentino

Smučišče Lavarone - Luserna / Alpe Cimbra

1.180 - 1.660m
Skrij zemljevid

Lavarone - Luserna / Alpe Cimbra

1.180 - 1.660m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Lavarone - Luserna / Alpe Cimbra

Vlečnice Lavarone - Luserna...


Obratovalni časi Zima

14.12.2019 - 10.03.2020
09:00 - 16:30

Smučarske proge Lavarone - Luserna...

22 km (18)
6 km (3)
2 km (1)
30 km

Novosti Lavarone - Luserna / Alpe Cimbra

New cash point in Lavarone Bertoldi with area for children, slope rescue, police station and public baths.

New training camp in Passo Vezzena with 150-meter tapis roulant

New chalet in Passo Vezzena with bar, restaurant, solarium and ski rental

Smučišče Lavarone - Luserna / Alpe Cimbra

The Ski Center Lavarone is located in Trentino. It is a new ski resort, which offers to its guests the opportunity to discover the taste of skiing immersed in a spectacular natural paradise.

One of the significant strength of Lavarone Ski Center is the fact that guests can walk to the bottom of the slopes and reach the top of Alpe Vezzena (1.600 m), near Asiago in Veneto Region. Also, the wide range of slopes is suitable for any skiers.

Snow at Lavarone Ski Center is ensured thanks to its technological programmed snow-making system (100%). For those guests located far from the access to the slopes, we provide an integrated system of transportation. By buying multiday and seasonal ski-passes, guests can explore and ski other ski centres in the proximity.

Safety is a priority at Lavarone Ski Center. Slopes are groomed meticulously every day. Similarly, specialised technicians of CRI and Alpine Center of Police of Moena monitor the situation on the slopes and offer assistance in case of accidents and emergencies.

Intrepid freestyle skiers will have fun in the "Avez del Prinzep" snow-park.

Our guests can benefit from special holiday offers in our affiliated hotels.


Kontakt Smučišče Lavarone - Luserna / Alpe Cimbra

Ski Center Lavarone - Turismo Lavarone srl
Via Gionghi 107, I-38046 Lavarone (Tn)

+39 0464 783335
Snežni telefon
+39 0464 783335
+39 0464 783335
Domača stran
Vlečnice Turistična zveza

Obratovalni časi Poletje

25.05.2019 - 06.10.2019
Število Vlečnice
Ocenjevanje 4,3
Moja ocena:
Unterkünfte finden Lavarone - Luserna / Alpe Cimbra
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