BERGFEX: Smučišče Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade - Smučarski dopust Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade

Smučišča Štajerska

Smučišče Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade

1.000 - 1.986m
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Galsterbergalm / Schladming...

1.000 - 1.986m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade
Snežne razmere24. 11. 2021, 18:28
24. 11. 2021, 18:28
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Saisonstart am Galsterberg am Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2021!

Vlečnice Galsterbergalm /...


Obratovalni časi Zima

17.12.2021 - 27.03.2022
08:15 - 16:15

Der Galsterberg startet am 17. Dezember in die Wintersaison 2021-2022.

Wir freuen uns auf einen tollen Winter mit euch!

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Smučarske proge Galsterbergalm /...

10 km (2)
8 km (4)
2 km (1)
20 km

Novosti Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade

Galsterberg - the versatile adventure mountain!

Far away from the hustle and bustle, you will find rustic skiing fun and family hospitality on the Galsterberg. Whether skiing or tobogganing fun, family fun or just a day off - everyone will find their own personal recreational value on the Galsterberg.

Smučišče Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade

Far removed from the hustle & bustle

Genuine Styrian hospitality included

4 lifts and 15 km of magnificent pistes - far away from the bustling big ski mountains, we offer you a perfect day of skiing at sensationally affordable prices!

Blue-rated family-friendly valley run
3 fun-runs – pistes³
5 km sledding hill, day and night
Gallic Kinderland for a different kind of skiing experience
Ski school in the heart of the ski area
Our Gallic Hosts – magical hut atmosphere and party vibes guaranteed!
Fantastically maintained winter hiking paths with unbeatable valley views of beautiful Ennstal

Gallic skiing village on Galsterberg

A Gallic skiing adventure for both young and old. Galsterberg mountain will enchant you with its Gallic wooden huts, talking model Gauls, a Gallic piste machine, an 85m magic carpet and much more. You will find deer, rabbits and other woodland creatures keeping you company until all the way down to the Galsterbergalm lift.

Need a little break?
Not a problem - the terrace at Bottinghaus has the best view over the children's play area.

Kontakt Smučišče Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade

Galsterbergalm - Ski amade
Pruggererberg 206, A-8965 Michaelerberg-Pruggern

+43 3685 22845
Snežni telefon
+43 3685 22845
+43 3685 23170
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Vlečnice Turistična zveza
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