BERGFEX: Smučišče EspaceDôle / La Dôle - Les Tuffes - Smučarski dopust EspaceDôle / La Dôle - Les Tuffes

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Smučišče EspaceDôle / La Dôle - Les Tuffes

1.160 - 1.678m
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EspaceDôle / La Dôle - Les Tuffes

1.160 - 1.678m

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Smučišče EspaceDôle / La Dôle - Les Tuffes

Located 20 km from Nyon and 40 km from Geneva, the ski resort EspaceDôle - as one of the most varied ski areas in the Jura - offers slopes in the difficulties from green to black, and thus for the beginner to experienced skiers.

At an altitude from 1230 - 1678 m, the ski resort is equipped with a 4 - seater chairlift and 8 lifts. Thanks to its summit - the Dole - you have one of the most beautiful views over Lake Geneva and the Swiss, as well as the French Alps.

Getting to EspaceDôle:
By road and rail easily accessible, the resort EspaceDôle offers ski runs ideal for families and powder freaks.

The village of St-Cergue now has three lifts in the heart of the village. The moderate slopes are ideal for beginners and advanced alike.

Two lighted slopes await you in the night *from Tuesday to Saturday from 07:00 - 10:00 * o' clock p.m..

And why not enjoying a Fondue after the skiing experince at night? The Tourist Office St-Cergue offers Ski - Fondue packages: After night skiing ski you enjoy a fondue dinner in one of the restaurants at the resort - a unique experience.

The Franco-Swiss massif EspaceDôle - The Jouvencelles:
A skiing connection between the mountains of La Dole (Switzerland) and the massive Jouvencelles (France) is possible.

At your disposal are the following facilities:

  • 2 ski resorts
  • 23 lifts
  • 30 ski slopes

To take advantage of this offer, you only need a French - Swiss package and bring a proof of identity.

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