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Tek na smučeh Simplon

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1.450 - 2.005m

Loipenplan Simplon

In a paradisiacal snowy landscape, the Simplon Pass offers a cross-country ski run prepared for classic skiing as well as skating. The historic pass crossing is also open in winter and an ideal recreational area with great snow guarantee.

The cross-country ski run is situated on the south side of the pass and offers ideal training conditions thanks to its altitude of 1850 m above sea level.
The tour starts at the Barralhaus and leads to the Alte Spittel building with a short climb. The building constructed by Kaspar Stockalper was originally a hospice. The top three floors were the Stockalper family's summer residence. Below, poor travellers were accommodated and catered free of charge.

The trail then crosses the Gampisch high plateau, which is used for farming during the summer. The track then leads to the Barralhaus, which attracts the attention of visitors with its dimensions of 7x120 meters. It was built by Pastor Pierre Barral as a holiday home for his students. However, Barral went bankrupt before the building was completed. Today, the Barralhaus belongs to the army but is no longer used.


Tickets sind online oder im Tourismusbüro Simplon Dorf und Brig erhältlich.

Der Langlaufpass ist in der ganzen Schweiz gültig.


Saisonpass Loipen Schweiz (Langlaufpass) CHF 160.-
Der Langlaufpass ist ein nationaler Ausweis und wird von jeder Langlauforganisation in der Schweiz akzeptiert.

Saisonpass Loipe Simplon CHF 50.-

Tageskarte CHF 5.-


Tel. +41 27 979 10 10

Možnosti dostopa

Auf dem Simplonpass

  • Hotel Monte Leone
  • Hotel Simplon Blick
  • Hospiz Simplon

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Brig Simplon Tourismus AG

Bahnhofstrasse 2, CH-3900 Brig - Glis
+41 (0)27 921 60 30

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