BERGFEX: Smučišče Wallberg Tegernseer Tal - Smučarski dopust Wallberg Tegernseer Tal

Smučišča Bavarska

Smučišče Wallberg Tegernseer Tal

790 - 1.620m
Skrij zemljevid

Wallberg Tegernseer Tal

790 - 1.620m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Wallberg Tegernseer Tal
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Die Wallbergbahn ist ab 16. März 2020 wegen Revision geschlossen. Wann wir den Betrieb wieder aufnehmen können, steht vor der aktuellen Entwicklung des Coronavirus noch nicht fest. Wir bitten um Verständnis!

Vlečnice Wallberg Tegernseer...


Obratovalni časi Zima

07.11.2019 - 15.03.2020
08:45 - 16:30

Smučarske proge Wallberg Tegernseer...

Freeride/ Rute
3,2 km
3,2 km

Smučišče Wallberg Tegernseer Tal

Thanks to its unique location, the 1,722 meter high Wallberg is one of the most visited peaks of the Mangfall mountains and one of the most popular attractions in Bavaria. Rightly so, because the Wallenberg has theTegernsee valley at its feet.

The fantastic view extends not only into the Bavarian Alps, but also in the Tegernsee valley, where mountain, air and water like at no other place merge for the postcard-perfect idyll. Where sailboats and yachts frolicking in summer, a glistening white blanket covers the mountains and the valley in winter. Hikers and day trippers relax on the sun terrace of the panorama restaurant and enjoy the view. Paragliding and hang-gliding make it the domestic golden eagles equal and make themself advantage of the most excellent thermals for long distance flights. With a little luck you can even watch the majestic birds of prey. In winter, the Wallberg attracts many wintersports friends, because here you can admirably chase downhill on the 6.5 km long natural toboggan run. More than half an hour takes the sporting descent that makes the sledders joy cheering.

Until today the Wallberg is a freeride destination for experienced skiers and snowboarders: The ski route across the Erlen- and the Glasl-track, formerly a "black" groomed and FIS-homologated track, has now become a hot tip for freeriders and deep snow fans. Even at this point is the safety of winter athletes in focus and responsibility is required: The 3.2 kilometer run is in deed only recommended for very experienced riders. The snow conditions are closely monitored, during avalanche danger the track is closed.

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Wallberg Tegernseer Tal
Wallbergstraße 26-28, D-83700 Rottach-Egern

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+49 (0)8022 705370
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