BERGFEX: Smučišče Station des Rousses - Smučarski dopust Station des Rousses

Smučišča Burgund-Freigrafschaft

Smučišče Station des Rousses

1.050 - 1.678m
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Station des Rousses

1.050 - 1.678m

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Obratovalni časi Zima

09:00 - 16:45

INFORMATION CORONAVIRUS : Suite aux annonces gouvernementales, l'ensemble de nos domaines skiables (alpin et nordique) ferment dès ce dimanche 15 mars matin et ce, jusqu'à la fin de saison.

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Smučišče Station des Rousses

Les Rousses Resort offers 4 Alpine ski mountains on which to experience the joys of skiing from a very young age.

With 50km in slopes and 32 lifts, these ski areas surrounded by spruce forests will enchant the whole family. You'll have an exceptional panoramic view of the Alps, Mont Blanc and the Léman valley from the summits!

Les Rousses Resort offers skiing options for the whole family, with different passes to match every desire.

Key points:

  • 4 different mountains: Les Tuffes, La Serra, Le Noirmont and La Dôle.
  • 3 French mountains, visited by skibus or car (no skiable connections between them): Les Tuffes, La Serra, Le Noirmont.
  • 1 Swiss mountain, La Dôle, skiable to/from Les Tuffes, to create a French-Swiss connection.
  • 2 main passes: Pass'Station to ski the 3 French mountains, and Pass'Franco-suisse to ski the 3 French mountains + the Swiss mountain.

Kontakt Smučišče Station des Rousses

Office de Tourisme de la Station des Rousses
FR-39400 Morez

+33 (0)3 84 33 08 73
Snežni telefon
+33 (0)3 84 60 02 55
Domača stran
Vlečnice Turistična zveza
Ocenjevanje 4,8
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