Der Wiener Würstelstand

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Tradition meets innovation - new inventions paired with special variety and high quality revive the Viennese sausage tradition. Whether at the sausage stand at Hoher Markt late at night or at the sausage stand in imperial tradition.

"Sweet or hot?" is the standard question at Viennese desert stands. It is not a question of choosing between Sachertorte and Käsekrainer, the question refers to mustard, which is traditionally offered as sweet Kremser or hot tarragon. Incidentally, Käsekrainer is an Austrian invention and has long been a classic. It is a lightly smoked cooked sausage made of pork and a proportion of 10 to 20% cheese. The city's sausage stands - mostly small kiosks on the sidewalk - offer, in addition to Frankfurters (Wiener Würstchen), Käsekrainers, bratwursts and hot dogs, a host of culinary surprises and an impressive range of drinks from raspberry fizz to special beers.

One of them is the legendary sausage stand at Hoher Markt, on a traffic island in the middle of Vienna's city centre. During the day, it is ideal for a quick snack while shopping or sightseeing. But it owes its cult factor to the opening hours until the early hours of the morning and the diversity of the hungry night owls - it is not uncommon for the banker to dine shoulder to shoulder with the punk.

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