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They belong to Vienna like St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Ferris wheel: the Fiaker. A ride in one of the two-horse carriages is one of the highlights for many tourists. There is hardly a more comfortable way to explore the beauties of Vienna.

The term "Fiaker" originally comes from the French and refers to the carriage stand in the Rue de Saint Fiacre in Paris. In 1720, the carriages that had been called Janschky carriages in Vienna until then were also renamed (and numbered) "Fiaker".

The boom was now unstoppable: Between 1860 and 1900 more than 1,000 fiakers were on the road in Vienna. The carriages were often original carriages known throughout the city, sometimes also performing as singers. Their discretion was especially appreciated when one or the other high gentleman in the Fiaker enjoyed his love affair. Probably the most famous of their guild was Josef Bratfisch, the body fiaker of Crown Prince Rudolf, who brought his playmate Mary Vetsera to Mayerling in 1889, where the lives of both came to a tragic end.

Today the Viennese Fiaker are an integral part of the cityscape. Fiaker stands can be found at various locations in the city: Stephansplatz, Heldenplatz (sometimes Michaelerplatz), Albertinaplatz, Petersplatz and Burgtheater. The small round trip (approx. 20 min. through the inner old town) costs 55 €, the big round trip (approx. 40 min. along the Ringstraße and through the old town) 80 €. You can also book individual round trips directly with the horse-drawn carriage companies (list of horse-drawn carriage companies).

Since spring 2012, horse-drawn carriage rides are also possible at the Central Cemetery: The stand at Gate 2 is manned from Thursday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to around 4.30 p.m. The tour includes numerous graves of honour of prominent Viennese personalities (Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Hans Moser, Falco, Adolf Loos and many more) and also introduces visitors to the natural beauty of the cemetery.
Special tip: If you want to have it romantic, it is best to order a "porcelain carriage" from the Fiaker, i.e. a particularly quiet and smooth ride. In the past, this was used to transport the valuable porcelain safely from one place to another. Today you can enchant your loved one in this way.

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