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921 - 1.280m
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921 - 1.280m

The Holiday Village Sluderno/Schluderns

Sluderno is a village with a rich history. Located below the imposing Coira Castle, it is probably the best-preserved Renaissance fortification in the entire South Tyrol and also contains a huge armoury museum. This old farming village also found itself at the centre of historic battles and conflicts between the aristocracy, the episcopate and local farmers. Located at the intersection between the Upper and Central Venosta Valleys, it was one of the first settlements governed by written municipal laws dating back to the 13th century. Nearby Sluderno and to the local Vintschger Museum is the archeological site of Ganglegg, containing relics from the Bronze and Iron Ages. It's fortifications date back to the Roman Era.

Sluderno also represents an ideal starting point for hikes and tours. Following the winding irrigation channels through sparse forests and green meadows, visitors can enjoy the splendid panoramic views over the valley and the surrounding mountains.

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