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1.485 - 3.500m


Saas-Fee is located on a high plateau of the Saas Valley, west of the valley floor and above the neighboring villages Saas-Almagell, Saas-Grund and Saas-Balen. It is the main municipality of the four boroughs. Saas-Fee is surrounded by the Mischabel mountain range, which comprises a total of 18 four-thousand. This results in a unique panorama, which the city has become known as the "Pearl of the Alps".


  • Saas-Almagell *

Saas-Almagell is the southernmost village in the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee. The idyllic resort thrilled especially hikers in summer, among others, picturesque valleys, the Suonenpfad to Saas-Grund, the Adventure of Furggstalden to Almagelleralp, or the narrow Walser paths up to the mystical Monte-Moro or Antrona Pass.

In winter, Saas-Almagell with its wide slopes and beautiful cross-country skiing is a tip for families. For fun in the snow also make a super recordable Eisfeld, cool sledding and gorgeous winter hiking trails.

  • * Saas-Balen

The small, charming mountain village Saas-Balen lies at the entrance of the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee and is especially for nature lovers a real highlight.

Idyllic hiking paths you can listen to nature, unwind and refresh your feet in crystal clear mountain streams. Who loves cheese should not miss a tasty visit to Europe's highest Alpine, the Hoferalp, miss. Also art and architecture lovers rave about Saas-Balen, because his late baroque round church is unique in Switzerland in shape.

Soft and cozy it comes to winter, when let even the smallest skiers transported from the ski lift to the scene. A natural ice skating attracts specialists on the "stage" who like to change the location that uses the downhill run of Saas-Grund to Saas-Balen!

  • Saas-Fee *

The "Pearl of the Alps" means the Free Republic of holidays Saas-Fee is called and here's why:
The car-free family-friendly village with its famous, reliable snow and endless sunshine is at 1,800 masl - at the foot of the highest mountain in Switzerland - and offers its (holiday) citizens for 365 days a paradisiacal program.

In summer, among other countless attractions for all ages, numerous unique sports & adventure options, beautiful hiking and discovery paths to 350 km and, the cutest residents of the Free Republic of Holidays: the tame marmots!

With its guaranteed snow varied slopes, trails and toboggan runs, idyllic winter hiking trails and many proverbial "cool" winter events, is the Free Republic of holidays Saas-Fee in terms of "snow" a mecca for winter (sports) fans and those who want to be there ,

  • Saas-Grund *

Saas-Grund is located in the heart of the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee and beat with its vastly varied especially migrant hearts racing.

So the village is the starting point of the famous path of the four-thousand or Höhenwege Almagelleralp and Gspon. At Hohsaas, 3200 m above sea level. M. offered to you the most beautiful view of the 18 mountain giants of the Saas Valley.
Guaranteed snow and sun to Saas-Grund presents in winter, when the view of the 18 four-thousand can keep many a pause. With one of the longest toboggan runs of more than 11 km and a busy ice rink, and the winter fun factor is pretty high!

Too Experience in Saastal ...

In the Saas Valley there are countless ways to spend your holidays full of action.

Some summer activities:
Some winter activities:
Activities in the Saas Valley:

An Event chasing the next in the Saas Valley!

... And to always remain good in the picture, when the next event takes place, take a look at the Schedule:
Events in winter and summer:


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  • Saas-Fee
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