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Polesine - a hospitable land between two rivers!

Nature & Environement
Nature is your host in Polesine. A land where one may enjoy the spectacle of time passing, from sunrise to sunset, of the changing seasons, of the varying landscapes and colours, continuously, without obstacles nor barriers. First of all, the countryside. Walking or cycling among cultivated fields, expanses of land of many colours, from the pale yellow of the wheat, to the dark gold of the corn, to the bright yellow of the sunflowers, from the green of the alfalfa fields, to the red of the poppies it is a splendid palette of shades and those who are attentive, who know how to appreciate the different atmospheres in all their details, may find here, everything that satisfies the eyes, the mind and the spirit.

Water like rivers, the Po, the Adige, Polesine like Mesopotamia, a fertile land between two rivers, the largest in Italy. Here it is all a marvellous labyrinth of canals, waterways, wetlands, which create unusual landscapes, images which imprint themselves in our minds and hearts forever.
One may chose among many different itineraries, which will allow you to enjoy fantastic landscapes and at the same time, visit places rich in art and culture, lying under the riverbanks or crossed by a canal, a little waterway, an ancient and friendly presence, like the eddies, tangible signs of the passage of the river long ago.
Water, in the Polesine, is a word with many meanings. Water like the delta. Where the great river opens out into many branches which contain lands and islands, the most vast protected wetland in Italy, with a fauna of more than 400 different species, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish and over 380 species of birds.
Along the basins, lagoons and fishing valleys, one may visit nature reserves, conservation areas, places where silence reigns but offers signs, smells, presences in a rich and luscious vegetation, together with a fauna that here, has its natural habitat.

Art and Culture
The great thing is that here, in Polesine there is an unexpected artistic and cultural heritage. It is precisely this quality of being little known, this need to be discovered little by little, without having prior and pre-conceived knowledge of the territory which makes it become even more precious.


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