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BERGFEX: Nationalpark Kalkalpen Region: Dopust Nationalpark Kalkalpen Region - Potovati Nationalpark Kalkalpen Region

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Nationalpark Kalkalpen Region

385 - 2.000m

Nationalpark Kalkalpen...

385 - 2.000m

The National Park Kalkalpen is the largest forest reserve in Austria. It covers 20,850 hectares and covers an altitude of 385 to 2000 meters.

Hidden canyons, pristine mountain streams, natural forests, promising peaks and delightful pastures are habitat and sanctuary for rare and endangered animals and plants.

The National Park Kalkalpen is also wellknown for its leisure activities and experiences. You will find rest and can enjoy nature with all your senses. Experience the nature, whether alone, in pairs, in groups or with trained national park rangers, in sunshine, rain or snow; on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.


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Kontakt Nationalpark Kalkalpen Region

TVB Nationalpark Region Ennstal
Eisenstraße 75, AT-4462 Reichraming

+43 (0)7254 8414 0
Nationalpark Kalkalpen Region
+43 (0)7254 8414 4

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