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BERGFEX: ST27 AAT: Tolmin - Tribil di Sopra - Pohodništvo v daljavo - Izlet Goriška

Pohodništvo v daljavo

ST27 AAT: Tolmin - Tribil di Sopra

Pohodništvo v daljavo

ST27 AAT: Tolmin - Tribil di...

Pohodništvo v daljavo

Datumi tur
1 291hm
156 - 1 103m
Kratek opis
On this “peace stage” you will cross the border between Slovenia and Italy. Your route takes you past valleys, rolling hills, an open air museum and a castle, and you will walk on paths which have written history.

Beste Jahreszeit
A high point of this hike is the ascent via the Kolovrat. On the ridge you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Alpine summits in the distance on the one side, and the peaceful landscape which stretches as far as the Po Plain and the Adriatic on the other side. In the Italian part, the route runs along a section of the famous Walk of Peace (Sentiero della Pace / Pot Miru). During the First World War, the Kolovrat Mountain was the scene of bitter battles between Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops, and there are impressive testimonies to this on the former front line at the Passo Solarie. It is well worth visiting the open air museum which has been set up here. No less impressive are the various emplacements and bunkers along the trail towards Tribil Superiore . This region is also interesting for nature lovers due to the variety of its animal and plant life. On the other hand, the rural settlements along the route to Tribil Superiore are of great historical significance . In a typical restaurant here you can sample dishes according to the old traditions of the Natisone Valley. Thanks to the creation of a “decentralised hotel” (“albergo diffuso”) there are numerous cosy accommodation options locally.
Starting from Tolmin , we cross the River Soča , pass the Church of St. Daniel and its churchyard, the oldest church in the valley, and go through the village of Volče . An unhurried forest trail leads us to a road, but we do not stay on this for long. Shortly after the viewing point, from which we can look down over the whole of the Soča Valley, we leave the road once again. At first we go along the ridge of the Hlevnik , across the Kovačič Alpine pasture and past the hunting lodge, and then we continue uphill on old paths. Here we are following the trail of a young German lieutenant called Rommel who famously breached the Isonzo front – the same Lieutenant Rommel who is better known as the General Rommel of the battles of the Second World War in North Africa. We come to the road across the Kolovrat ridge in the open air museum , which illustrates the defensive positions held by Italy in the First World War. We hike past defensive ditches and caves up to the castle, where in all events we want to take a break and enjoy the breathtaking view. Behind us there are high Alpine summits , and in the distance we can see the coast , the destination of this stage. Our descent takes place on the Italian side. After a few minutes we find a nice, hospitable mountain lodge at the place where there was once the border crossing. From the Passo Solarie we then continue on trail no. 746 past the village of Clabuzzaro (Breg), then after around 1.5 km we follow trail no. 747 towards Rucchin (Zalocilo), passing the Church of St. Wolfgang (Chiesa di San Volfango). From Rucchin we continue to follow the markings for trail no. 747 and come to the Monte Cum (Hum) and from there to the village of Tribil Superiore.
Höchster Punkt
1 103 m
Tribil di Sopra (Stregna)
Višinski potek

Hiking clothes and footwear.
The ridge of Kolovrat is a transitory area between the Upper SočaRegion in Slovenia and the Veneto Region in Italy. The outdoor museumis located on the Kolovrat ridge with exceptionally favourable positionfor good panoramic views. In the time of the First World War theItalian army built here an extensive system of its third line ofdefence , called “linea d’armata”.

You can reach Tolmin from Ljubljana over Idrija or Nova Gorica; from Austria over Vršič or Predel pass and from Italy over Udine or Predel pass.
Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel
By train:
The train goes from Ljubljana through Jesenice and along the narrow Baška Grapa to Most na Soči. From there it is another 5km to Tolmin (by car or bus). The railway timetable.
There is also a car-train Bohinjska Bistrica - Podbrdo - Most na Soči.

By bus:
There is a bus route for Ljubljana - Tolmin - Bovec and for Tolmin - Nova Gorica. Bus schedule.

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