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Pohodništvo v daljavo

ST26 AAT: Drežnica (Kobarid) - Tolmin

Pohodništvo v daljavo
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ST26 AAT: Drežnica (Kobarid)...

Pohodništvo v daljavo

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This stage is steeped in history – on former military paths and across the Alpine meadows of the Triglav National Park – and combines memories of the First World War with the traditional way of life of the inhabitants of this region. At the end of this stretch, the route descends again to the River Soča, before reaching the town of Tolmin in the evening.


Drežnica (Kobarid)

Beste Jahreszeit
The stage from Drežnica to Tolmin leads through two wonderful small mountain villages and finishes in Tolmin, the administrative centre of the Soča Valley. Drežnica is an active and lively village, a centre for parachute jumping and the starting point for hikes. And it is famous not least for its old Carnival custom dating back thousands of years. Top level concerts are held from time to time in the parish church, and you will be accompanied along the trail by sculptures from all over the world, known as “Forma Viva”.

In the village of Krn life runs at a slower pace, there are fewer young families and the residents go about earning their daily bread in the valley. At the edge of the village is the room set up in memory of the famous historian Simon Rutar. A little lower down, the neighbouring village of Vrsno was the birthplace of one of the most popular Slovenian poets, Simon Gregorčič. The long sloping meadows above the village are scattered with Alpine pastures which even today still tell of the past struggle for existence.

This stage ends in Tolmin, a friendly little town situated on the sunny terrace above the confluence of the Soča and Tolminka rivers. The bustle in the town, the traffic, businesses, shops and offices, infrastructure and restaurants create a picture which is more similar to our everyday life than the temperate pace of life in the mountains.

And of course there are also many spots and attractions to delight hikers along the trail itself. After the strenuous ascent from Drežnica you can enjoy a rest on the Planica at the Italian military chapel dating from the First World War. The descent through sunny Alpine meadows beneath the Krn massif will once again take you briefly through the Triglav National Park. Your route towards the valley continues through the forest, where the view of concealed. Before Tolmin the trail will once again lead you to the emerald beauty of the River Soča, which will take you to the well-earned end point of this stage. 


This stage takes us eastwards from Drežnica into the neighbouring town of Koseč. There we will find the marked “Walk of Peace” (Pot Miru), which links together former combat areas and remnants of the First World War. If we follow this route through the forest and across the clearing, we then go relatively steeply uphill to the Italian chapel of Bes na Planici, which stands at the entrance to the Triglav National Park. Then our route becomes more level and runs through a forest and to a road which leads to one of the highest Alpine meadows below the Krn. From there we head downhill to the Kuhinja Alpine pasture, where a mountain lodge offers us an opportunity of relaxation and refreshments.

We then reach the picturesque little village of Krn. In the centre of Krn we leave the road, which runs down into the valley, and hike to the left until we reach a farm. We follow the signs across the meadows and into the forest. This is followed by a long descent into the forest, interrupted by two interesting spots: firstly a beautiful waterfall in a deep gorge just below the village, and secondly a wonderful viewpoint with a view of an old Italian cave at the point at which the trail takes us back to the main valley again.

We reach the valley in the village of Gabrje. We cross the road and take the trail for Tolmin, which runs parallel to the bank of the Soča. In the warm summer months you can swim in the refreshing waters of the Soča.


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1.238 m



Hiking clothes and footwear


Weidetiere auf den Almen bitte nicht stören. Die Soča ist ein kalter, schnell fließender Fluss. Vorsicht, wenn Sie darin schwimmen wollen!

Tolmin is the largest town and an administrative centre of the Soča river valley. It features a high school and an excellent library and its greatest attractions are the old town centre, great sports facilities and the Museum of Tolmin where one can explore the history of the whole Posočje region.

Only a short walk from the town we can admire the untamed Tolmin gorges, the lowest entrance into the Triglav National Park, and a few kilometres away we can see Javorca, the most beautiful monument from the times when the First World War unleashed upon the Posočje region. It was entered into the list of European cultural heritage in 2006.
Tourismusinformation Kobarid: Trg svobode 16, SI-5222 Kobarid; T: +386 5 380 04 90;;

Tourismusinformation Tolmin: Petra Skalarja 4, SI-5220 Tolmin; T: +386 5 380 04 80;;

No public transport to Drežnica. There is bus connection to Kobarid (5 km out of Drežnica).

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Parking place in Drežnica: near children's playground.

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