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Pohodništvo v daljavo

ST24 AAT: Trenta - Bovec

Pohodništvo v daljavo
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ST24 AAT: Trenta - Bovec

Pohodništvo v daljavo

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450 - 886m
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This stage on the sign-posted, well-kept Soča trail leads almost continuously along the emerald green River Soča and at the same time through part of the unspoilt Triglav National Park. At the suspension bridge over the Kršovec gorge, which forms the border of the Triglav National park, the route goes on towards Vodenca where the confluence of the Soča and Koritnica rivers is crossed and soon we reach Bovec.


Beste Jahreszeit
The Trenta Valley, through which the Soča flows, widens out, and near the scattered groups of farms there are typical prairie areas where attractive camps have been set up as inviting spots for hikers and visitors to relax. In this section the Alpe Adria Trail coincides with the Soča Trail, which runs alternately on the left and right bank of the River Soča and now and then also runs above the beautiful riverbed, until the Trenta Valley expands to become the Bovec Basin. Now the trail leads away from the Soča and into the centre of Bovec, which lies at the foot of the mighty Rombon and Kanin mountains. The earliest mentions of Bovec date from 1174, but the moving history of this attractive place extends much further back. Along this section of the trail, which largely runs through the Triglav National Park, there are numerous resting places and attractions. On your way you can also taste and buy the famous Bovec cheese.

ATTRACTIONS: Dom Trenta - Triglav National Park Info Center & Ethnological Museum Small Soča Gorge Great Soča Gorge Kršovec Gorge Confluence of the Soča and Koritnica rivers Church of Devica Marija v Polju
From the Trenta visitor centre we go back to follow the Soča Trail down the valley. We cross over the main road and accompany the River Soča along its left bank. We hike through forests, across meadows and pasture land, and past a large rockslide. Two information boards provide visitors with information about rockslides and the local vegetation. The trail ascends steeply to a small waterfall, then descends again from here, and we come to a small gorge close to a farm with facilities for tourists. The trail leads us past another information board about the architectural heritage of Trenta, past the village of Soča and the Great Soča Gorge. From the suspension bridge we can enjoy an impressive view of the gorge, which is 750 metres long and 10 to 12 metres deep, but in some places only 2 metres wide. We continue to follow the gorge and come to the road towards the Lepena Valley, where the gorge ends. On a campsite we can see the spot where the Lepenca and Soča rivers converge. We cross the bridge over the river Lepenca and walk along the right bank. We cross the Soča again and our route now leads us between the road and the River Soča to another, larger bridge, which we cross, leading us on the left river bank one more time. Soon we reach the gorge at Kršovec.  After the gravel road on the left bank of the river we keep following the Soča Trail and cross a wooden bridge Brijeka, which is one of the most picturesque spots on our way. We continue toward the village Vodenca, where we can see the confluence of the rivers Soča and koritnica. This time we cross the Koritnica and pass several campsites. After a steep but short ascent we come to Bovec and we already see the Church of Devica Marija v Polju, which we pass on our way to the centre of the town.
Höchster Punkt
886 m



Normal hiking equipment recommended.

Visit the source of the Soča before starting the stage in Trenta, learn about the heritage in Trenta Museum and try the delicious Bovec cheese at the tourist farms along the trail. The brave, who are not affraid of cold will enjoy a refreshing dip in the river.
Besucherzentrum Dom Trenta TIC Bovec


Reach Trenta and Bovec over Vršič or Predel Pass, or from the south via Tolmin and Kobarid.

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel
During the summer months Bovec and Kranjska Gora are connected with a bus service 5 times per day. There are several bus stops on the way, so you can shorten the trail according to your wishes and capabilities. Timetables.

Public parking at Dom Trenta or in Bovec center, infront of the Cultural Centre.

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