Warm-Up is on! - get ready to shred - Superpark Planai


Warm-Up is on! - get ready to shred

31. 01. 2019, 14:47
Skrij zemljevid

Superpark Planai

Autumn is here, its leaves are dropping and so are the temperatures - finally! This season we wanna keep up with our last-year’s 10th anniversary and say thank you by supplying you guys with some banging obstacles and a Superpark that fits its name.

In case you wanna feel nostalgic until the opening, watch our anniversary clip here.

A cozy chill-area, awesome events and an innovative set-up are again to be expected in this season’s Superpark and the Shape Academy’s boys and girls will take care of our finest jibs and kickers. Shovels dusted and shoes brushed they’re eagerly waiting for their starting signal to storm and rebuild the park once again.

Until we’re back to drowning in snow again, let’s soak up some autumn sun to sweeten the anticipation. We’re already looking forward to a chill kick-off and a rad season!

You can find all info and updates about this season’s Superpark on our website, Facebook and Instagram.


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